Our main aim is the improvement of evicieny and productivity as well as rentability of small African businesses. Especially young apprentices should be supported to start their own businesses.

To fight poverty and to improve working conditions we would like to partition in a efficient and durable development. We would like to support the mechanisation in basically in small businesses in Africa with used machines which are completely overhauled to fit the situation.

Our working method is based on the search after technological solutions to fit African context.

Our success is not only based on our technological competencies Our Customers get support under consideration of their requirements and possibilities. . We almost all the time find solutions for almost every thing.



Project analysis and delivery of overhauled and proven machinery

Technical support with installation and operability

Development and initiation of effective concepts to overhaul and maintenance

Installation and services of all kind for machines installations

Automation and modernisation of installations to improve economical efficiency

Projection and realisation of suited solutions for efficient use of energy in businesses



These activities concentrate on equipment like the following:



machine tools , welding equipment, machines to restore and repair automotive engines ( drill, crankshaft, grinding machine etc.)


Wood working

timbre processing, carpentry, sawmill, etc.


Decentralised energy supply

electricity units, wind generators, etc.


Food processing

bakery, butcheries, ice machines, packageing and conservation machines, etc.


Textile sector

dry-cleaning, industrial sewing machines, textile machines, etc.



Agricultural or farm equipment, medical and pharmaceutical , soapmakers, packageing tools, painting and laquerwork


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