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Africa boasts a rich surplus of insolation. Considering today’s means of converting such natural energy by modern solar technology, this means a rich resource of energy for this continent. Making this resource available, could be a key to the solution of this continents major problems, i. e. combatting poverty which is an overall problem.

For translating this idea into reality, it is necessary to develop economical and cultural prerequities for the effective and profitable utilization of the solar energy. Beginning in 1998, TRANSTECH AFRICA has been working in the field of a technological transfer and adaptation of solar energy utilization for African countries. This task also comprises the consideration of geographical, climatical, and economical conditions as well as socio-cultural situations (Particularly in rural areas).

Our business partners are private customers as well as organisations working for foreign aid and various private or state-run institutions.

Along with energy-advising, planning of power plants and projections, sale and maintenance, we develop in the context of the transfer and the appropriation of technology some devices and systems using solar energy at interesting prices, especially in the domain of the thermal application of the solar energy.

"Solar energy as a source for combating poverty in rural areas of the developing countries" – it has been our job to create a realistic prospective for this aim until now and also for the coming years.