In our "thermal-solar" program, an emphasis is put on the modern technology for a reduced cost: selective sensors with layer in TINOX and SOLARLACK, polyurethane, fibreglass etc. for a local manufacturing. So we succeeded in maintaining the low cost for the product.

Concerning the solar water heater, we distribute some Thermo-siphon simple and hybrid systems.

With our open-able thermal reservoir UL95 the efficiency of our solar water heater is guaranteed in terms of life span, even in farming environment where quality water poses problems: The transfer of the collector's heat toward the reservoir is accompanied with a massive tension on the inner layer of the reservoir. This phenomenon is very remarkable in the thermo-siphon system with a single water circuit and causes the cuttings of the internal protective coat of the reservoir. This fact speeds up the rusting which reduces the life span of the reservoir. For this reason and because the cost of a reservoir in rustproof material is high for a common usage in these countries of the south, CATAT has, since 1998 developed this said open-able thermal reservoir. It is designed and constructed with galvanized iron sheet, polyurethane foam and glass wool and is easily open-able. This enables a periodic maintenance of the interior of the reservoir - once per annum while remaking the protective coat against the rusting.

Nevertheless we supply reservoirs in rustproof material on customer’s demand.

In the design of our system, an accent is put on the modular system that permits to solve the problem of handling. It offers the possibility of a future enlargement of the facilities.