Solar modules

We have in our programme all types of solar modules by taking into account the adaptation to the climatic conditions in place. We also put a particular accent on the duration of the guarantee granted by the manufacturer.


Wind-power Generators

From small size up to medium size power, starting from 300W, with a modern manufacturing technology, a permanent magnet, the wind-power generators in our supply programme offer the advantages of modularity in the design of the systems, an indispensable asset for a future enlargement of the installation.


Solar Inverters and Transformers

The solar generator supplies direct current (DC) whereas the appliances in most cases use alternating current (AC). The inverters and transformers play the role of transforming these continuous values into alternating values. According to the installation there will be the need of:

Autonomous inverters for isolated installations


or inverters made synchronous to the public electric network for installations connected to the public network.


These inverters perform sometimes other complementary functions such us back-up or automatic control of a secondary electrical power source.



Solar stationary accumulators

The solar generator produces the energy during day-time when the sun is shining. In order to use this energy night-time or "sunless" days, solar batteries are used for the storing of the excess of the energy produced in the day. In general the conception of these solar batteries is different from that of the ordinary batteries and the design technology plays an important role.

  • In the "DRYFIT TECHNOLOGY", the batteries are of VRLA type (Valve Regulated Lead Acid). The electrolyte is in the form gel. The batteries of this type are characterized by a long operating cycle. They are maintenance-free and available in the following form:

Dryfit Solar battery with plates in the shape of grid for small usage.


Stationary accumulator OpzV with armoured plates.


  • In the CLASSICAL TECHNOLOGY, the solar batteries are of conventional type, closed lead-acid with an improvement of the solar modules. The electrolyte is liquid. They are characterized by a good operating cycle. They are relatively low-cost as compared to the former ones and are available in the following form:

Acid Solar Battery with the plates in the shape of grid for small usage.


Stationary acid battery OpzS with the plates in tubular form for big usage.


Charge regulators

Generally solar charge regulators play the role of protecting the batteries against overcharges and deep discharges so as to secure them a long lifespan. Beside their conventional functions, modern charge regulators assume other functions such us the scientific charging method in order to ensure an efficient battery usage.


Appliances for utilization

The production and the conditioning of the solar energy is expensive. An efficient utilization is then advisable. That is why we recommend the use of energy saving and good technical output appliances. We supply:

Lighting with modern energy saving lamps

Solar lantern:


Solar lamps


Refrigerators with Danfos BD compressor and a good thermal insulation.


Submersible solar-pump in stainless steel with a permanent magnet motor.


Other elements

We supply also installation materials, cables and other accessories.